Does this say Welcome?

Does this say Welcome?
Does this say Welcome?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Getting the Most Out of Your Address

Most of us don't put much thought into the numbers on our home. As long as the Pizza delivery man can see them and we can remember them when necessary, their job is done.

I spend probably too much time thinking of interesting ways to display them. So much so, that I haven't actually executed my plan yet. I want large numbers on the garage door with a sign light above them. Something that says 'this is my lot number and don't you forget it !!'. I suppose it's the artist in me that see's these boring little numbers stuck to all the neighborhood homes in the usual place that makes them much too utilitarian and not near wow enough for my tastes.

I passed a house today in Tswassen that had the most beautiful little arbor out front on the property and it was covered in a stunning and mature Wisteria plant with cascading white flowers. There on the post is the homes address. Standing proud with it's very own structure to frame it. Now that is a Wow !!

Someone in that home has real pride in their property and can even see that the number of the lot deserves a very regal spot. Since there really  aren't any rules on how to show your address other than it be visible to the general public, take a little time to look at the photos I've added here and see if there isn't something a little more interesting you can do with your own address.

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