Does this say Welcome?

Does this say Welcome?
Does this say Welcome?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Homes of New England Inspire....

In 2008 I spent a few years going back and forth between Vancouver and Ipswich, Massachussettes. This period of time really amped up my interest in the Street Appeal of homes. The Americans are amazing at preserving their somewhat youthful history and it really shows in the Heritage homes of New England. Even the smalles and simplest Salt Box homes gave off a feeling of character, warmth and welcome. Things as simple as the homes color or trim color combined with the original wood features of 100 years ago, make them all so charming. In these homes are where I came to understand that less really can be more. Simplicity is something that can also emit a deep sense of interest. Sometimes more so than the newest homes today with all of the fancy details. I now try to look beyond what is already there or what could be added to a homes exterior and first try to imagine what I might take away.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Details....

Always consider the small details that aren't necessarily noticed at first but certainly help to add to the complete impact of your home. Could be as simple as adding shutters and painting them a specific color that sets your home apart from others on the street. Landscape lighting is a sure winner and if you can't afford the best....Home Depot always has something within the average homeowners price range. Check out images on Google first so that you can design a plan that highlites key areas in your yard. The effects are magnificent !!

The Cost of small improvements

When my husband and I bought our home, we did not have the money to paint the home or trim even...but we did choose an interesting door color and simply placing an adirondack out front helped to give our home the welcoming feel that I was hoping for.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What we all want....

Let's be frank.....we all want our land value to be worth the most that it can be. How to accomplish this? Street Impact. By giving your home the best look you can, you not only improve the value of your own home, but you are also improving the neighborhood. When neighborhoods become more desirable, land value increases.
Our homes are our largest investment and perhaps the only investment we have so figuring out ways to increase the value is in your and your neighbors best interest.