Does this say Welcome?

Does this say Welcome?
Does this say Welcome?

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I find that there are so many elements in Exterior Design that if you were to separate each individually you might become overwhelmed. After all, the overall look of your home has to have that cohesiveness that has the drive by eye roving smoothly throughout and enjoying the complete look. If they find only one element that has been focused on, well then they feel there is work to do and if they see too many competing focal points, they won't achieve that calm we all get when we've found THE perfect home.

If you stand back from the street at different times of the day and catch the visual snapshot of your house from it's Street Impact, try to imagine amazing ideas that you've seen in photos actually implemented on your home. Will it work? or is it too over the top? Maybe it's perfect but still not enough. It's really important to try and view your exterior objectively so you can see what drive by's see. Sometimes we're in awe of the most creative Robins egg blue door but to transfer that idea onto your own space could be disastrous. It takes time to create an exterior that appeals to a majority but if you can achieve that goal....well guaranteed you've improved your Street Appeal as well as your property value!

The path to the front door can be the part of the canvas that draws people in and gives them an almost scenic route to the home. It doesn't even have to be a long path because let's face it, Real Estate today has us sitting on postage sized lots and not so much room to work with. The smaller the space from sidewalk to door....the more creative you'll have to be.

Some wonderful ideas out there that can visually create the illusion that your path is longer than it really is or likewise, shorter. No matter what the length, try to create a unique and interesting journey that suggests something even better on the other side of the door.

So what if you look outside and see that old plain concrete path without a curve or bump of character anywhere? try creating your own visual interest. Maybe a row of lavender on either side would be spectacular in bloom every year or maybe a line of interesting lighting that leads to the door. Straight pathways are typically traditional and formal in style so will always look great when paired with those same elements. Symmetrical planters, lighting, architectural features and plant items along your walkway can make a huge impact. We all have hurdles to work with but if you can find the compromise in your particular situation you can still have an amazing path that has cars slowing down when they pass.

Gently curved pathways have that more casual feel and can be dressed in both a formal or cottage style format. Whatever look lends itself to the uniqueness of your home and it's general style. Don't be afraid to pour through magazines and steal that little gem of an idea that would increase your property's value. It can cost you the farm or it can be nothing but a personal labor of love and sweat.

Once you've found that perfect path to your home, don't forget to light it well at night so that it's never missed by passersby.

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