Does this say Welcome?

Does this say Welcome?
Does this say Welcome?

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Enjoying the last days of summer have an almost frantic feel. Kind of an oxymoron for sure. One of my summer projects was to get this great hanging chair up so that I could sit and read in style while floating through the air in my own private oasis of a yard.

Well living in the Vancouver area gives such limited time outdoors that I really never did spend the time curled up with a novel in the swing but I did accomplish the odd project.

We had a great barbeque with friends on a hot sunny day poolside that gave me the target date to finish that very cool Canadiana Hutch in the garage. It was a fabulous bakers center to hold glasses, napkins, desserts, sun protection and any other item that I wanted stored neatly away for guests to find easily. Oh, and the old wooden ladder that I picked up roadside with a 'FREE' sign on it....was perfect for hanging towels on!

It's been an amazing summer with friends and family and many projects to keep me busy. I have two last projects to sand, refinish and bring back their former glory and I plan on using every last moment of sunshine to get them done and then it's back indoors to focus on the interior again.

My preference is always the exterior of the home, it somehow acts as all the jewellery to the interior where we spend so much time year 'round. It's a critical extension of our home and the small amount of time that we can spend outdoors in our neck of the woods....should be time that we hardly notice a transition in terms of design and warmth.

Gardens should be filled with artwork that is evolving from beginning to end of season with our full interaction. When we finally choose our weekend in the fall to clean up and trim down the herbs and perennials, we shift our focus back indoors and look forward to the small changes we will make next season when everything outdoors comes back to life.

Here's hoping for some great fall projects and amazing Christmas displays in the neighborhood. Until next spring and summer when we can once again work on the exterior palette !!!

AND.....wander down those beautiful lazy paths of parks and wilderness during a leisurely summer stroll.

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