Does this say Welcome?

Does this say Welcome?
Does this say Welcome?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

To paint or not to paint....that is the question. Why is it that people freak when you tell them that you want to paint over the brick or any natural wood for that matter. Although our homes were stunning when first built in those natural states, it stands to reason that over the years they dull and become dated. One amazingly easy way to brighten and present your home as though it were just built yesterday is to PAINT. Even if there is brick to go over.
We all know that in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, there really aren't any fully brick homes like the Southern U.S. but we certainly have plenty of partial brick and especially on homes from the 1970's era.
We love the character of those old 'Brady Bunch' houses but so often they have the original brick or stone facade and our husbands are bound to say something silly like "you can't paint that's brick!!!" as though there is some silent rule on what can and can't be painted.
Well it is my very humble opinion that painting over the brick in any damn color you choose, will render you a brand new fresh look.
Take a look around if you're considering doing so. The West side of Vancouver has heaps of great exterior ideas simply because of the age of the homes in general.
I say paint and then repaint when you're tired of that color !!!

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